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ALL LIMITS OF INSURANCE ARE SUBJECT TO COMPANY APPROVAL **For a requested limit of insurance that does not equal the purchase price, complete and attach a Substantiation of Value**

Type of Coverage requested
1. Was a pre-purchase exam completed?
2. Has the Horse been examined or treated by a veterinarian for any accident, injury, sickness, disease, lameness, or other than routine care within the last year?
3. Is the horse currently free of lameness and healthy without the use of drugs?
4. Has the horse undergone diagnostic ultrasound, bone scan, or x-rays within the last 36 months?
5. Does the horse have any past confirmational problems or defects, illness, or disease, lameness, or injury or physical disability including, but not limited to: laminitis/founder, OCD, neurological disorders (e.g. EPM), navicular disease, and/or degenerative joint disease? Copy
6. Has the horse been nerved or received any treatment for lameness?
7. Has the horse received any joint injections, any type of medication long or short term, or any preventative treatments in the last 36 months?
8. Has the horse had any colic, colic surgery, impaction, or intestinal disorder within the last 36 months?
9. Is the horse due to foal any time during the requested policy period?

10. Has the horse ever experienced birthing difficulties?
11. Does the horse have an ancestor known to carry HYPP?
a. Has the horse been HYPP tested? Copy
b. Has the horse ever shown any HYPP signs or symptoms?
12. Will the horses be observed and cared for daily?

(Name and Address)

17. Are the horses leased to others?
18. Is there any other insurance on the horse?

19. Has any insurance carrier ever canceled, non-renewed, or refused to insure any horse in which you have or had an insurable interest?
20. Have you lost any horse in the last 5 years (whether or not insured) or have any medical/surgical or colic claims been filed on the above listed horse?

22. Do you understant that the insurance policy you are applying for requires you to give the company immediate notice of any covered animal's death, injury, sickness, or disease, along with a description of the condition and the name of the attending veterinarian? Do you also understant that failure to give this immediate notice may result in the denial of a claim?

Note: A Veterinarian Certificate of Exam IS required if: 1. Horse is under 6 months of age 2. Horse is over 16 years of age 3. Horse is valued over $50,000 4. You have not known the horse for over 30 days (A pre-purchase exam no older than 30 days may be submitted in place of the vet exam)

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