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Show Hog by Jody Goodson
Caden Goodson and his Show Hog
Show Hog 2 Provided by Caitlen Woods
Caitlen woods
Show Hog 3 Provided by Caitlen Woods
Caitlen Woods
Show Hog 4 provided by Sue Allen
River Allen and her Show Hog


        Swine Insurance-  Designed for swine owners, integrators, or contract growers, our confined swine insurance helps protect your operation’s hogs. You know such protection is very important because you know those hogs represent such an enormous investment of your livelihood’s resources. Tornadoes, fires, power interruptions, etc. are all perils that can kill your hogs with little or no warning.  Bar H Insurance is ready to help you when events like these occur.  The Hartford’s  specialized insurance coverages for swine include:

  • Confined Swine Coverage – Helps provide coverage for the death of covered swine resulting from covered causes of loss, including fire, lightning, windstorm, vandalism, drowning, flood, building collapse, and more. It also includes coverage for theft of covered swine.

Contact Information

Bar H Insurance
4926 S Wards Chapel Road
Atoka, Oklahoma 74525
Phone: 580-364-0151
Mobile: 580-364-6885;580-364-2623
Fax: 580-207-6065